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lundi 16 octobre 2017

  • Sometime it’s fun to be the third wheel
    Vince_Toulouse is a master at creating LEGO vehicles that combine an old-timey look with a futuristic style. The builder’s newest creation, the “Meteor 3x”, has a couple of great quirks. It’s inspired by an imaginary vehicle, the “Sonic Yellow,” and it makes use of a large Duplo part for the end of (...)

  • Orange is my new telehandler’s color
    Kirill Mazurov has no mercy when it comes to motorization of his own builds. The latest Merlo ROTO Telehandler is just about 80 cm/31 inches long, but is fully packed with 14 Power Functions motors. There is literary nothing this monster isn’t capable of, not to mention his formidable telescopic (...)

  • TBB Weekly Brick Report: LEGO news roundup for October 15, 2017 [News]
    In addition to the best LEGO models created by builders all over the world, The Brothers Brick also brings you the best of LEGO news and reviews. This is our weekly Brick Report for the third week of October 2017. TBB NEWS: This is your last chance to win a UCS Millennium Falcon and to get (...)

  • Alive from the Night of Frankenstein Rock and Roll!
    Halloween is coming and this hideously adorable Frankie by Ben Fong is opening the show. Despite his very strained face, the monster is utterly enjoying his new loud guitar. Speaking about this awesome red guitar, I bet there’s only Marceline the Vampire Queen who could steal the show with her (...)

dimanche 15 octobre 2017

  • Modern day Sisyphus
    They say great minds think alike, but I’m sure it is much better when great minds think together. Last month Josh DaVid shared a mesmerising lawn mower kinetic sculpture. And now JK Brickworks gets into a game by upgrading Josh’s work with a figure from one of his own masterpieces, Sisyphus (...)

  • Master Wu’s Secret Hideout
    This looks like it could have come straight from The LEGO Ninjago Movie. Titled “Master Wu’s Secret Hideout,” this temple-like structure by Lysander Chau is comprised of a nice mix of future Zen-type designs on the bottom third of the build and the remaining two floors are very classical (...)

  • It’s close to midnight, and something evil lurkin’ in the dark...
    There were a couple of things about Plants vs Zombies that kept me hooked to the game a little longer than it was probably supposed to – the mesmerizing and never-ending melody and seeing this particular reference to Michael Jackson in zombie form! Builder Hsinwei Chi beautifully captures the (...)

  • A palace fit for a minifigure queen
    Royal palaces are normally buildings with amazing architecture, plush interiors and rich decoration, and this LEGO palace is no different. Built by Johan Keuterink, this huge modular palace has a few similarities to Buckingham Palace, not just in its Neoclassical architecture style, but also (...)

samedi 14 octobre 2017

  • The unappreciated droids from classic Star Wars
    GNK Power Droids are better known as “Gonk” droids because of the low, honking sounds they produce while moving about. This larger build by Eric Druon gives us a close-up detail of what we usually see represented with smaller bits and fewer details. I do appreciate how the builder took the time (...)

  • The escape of a colourful monster
    The Masterpiece Gallery in LEGO House has creations from seventeen different fan builders from all over the world. French builder Samuel Pister has specially designed this fantastical monster for the display. Samuel explains that the build is the story of a colourful monster who is confined in (...)

  • To move space cargo, you need space freighters
    Freighters are a not uncommon amongst LEGO spacecraft, but still notably less frequent than fighters – that is why they are always a welcome change from the usual militarized space genre. This time we can thank James Zhan for the refreshment, although the guns mounted at the side still hint at a (...)

vendredi 13 octobre 2017

  • Chris McVeigh’s My First Computer DOS Edition [Review]
    Even if you’ve not heard of Chris McVeigh, you’ve probably seen his builds in one way or another, especially his iconic Classic Mac that’s been featured quite a bit across the media. As a brick artist, Chris specializes in capturing fragments of details in tiny builds that give maximum impact. The (...)

  • Good coffee is like good building – it’s all in the technique
    Sometimes the use of interesting techniques, or a lot of clever parts usage, can overwhelm a LEGO model — distracting from the creation as a whole, interfering with the design intent. However, this cafe? model by César Soares manages to create an attractive and cohesive scene whilst being packed (...)

  • Futuristic military truck is packed with grunt
    When LEGO builders tackle the future, they’re often tempted to make everything smooth and sleek. No danger of that here, with Joshua Brooks‘ Manticore Truck offering a serious sense of heft and gritty purpose. This comes in no small part from the impressive levels of texture and detailing evident (...)

  • She pretty much has the looks, and I’m confident she’s got it where it counts.
    The Sidewinder by Railblade caught my eye for its balanced resemblance to the Millennium Falcon we all know and love, yet something different — just enough to make it believable and a bit of extra effort to make the ship hospitable. It’s got a cozy sleeping quarters and even a proper bridge for (...)

mardi 10 octobre 2017

  • A grand day out at the pavilion
    Take a moment to appreciate the restful atmosphere around the Dudok Pavilion — a restaurant in a park, put together by Niek Geurts. This LEGO creation has wonderful clean and crisp lines, which the builder says was inspired by the Dutch Modernist architect Willem Dudok. Sometimes these kind of (...)

lundi 9 octobre 2017

  • Retro micro console goodness
    If you weren’t lucky enough to get your grubby hands on a SNES Classic, maybe you could build your own out of LEGO instead? Brick 101 has created this smart microscale recreation of the retro console, and it’s very cute. Coming from the UK, I’m always going to say the PAL version of the SNES (...)

  • You can’t do this to me, I’m an American!
    Even more than 35 years after its first screening, Raiders of the Lost Ark still remains a perfect adventure movie. Lego Fjotten masterfully recreates the iconic Cairo scene capturing all the characters including that bad little monkey! Bonus points are for the minifigures right from the 7195 (...)

  • Pirate ship leaves the rest in its wake
    There’s no shortage of impressive LEGO pirate/sailing ships. This entry into the genre by albert might not have the impressive scale or detailing of some of the large pirate craft we’ve seen but it’s nicely put together all the same. I love the wake effect, built up from layers of different (...)

  • TBB Weekly Brick Report: LEGO news roundup for October 8, 2017 [News]
    In addition to the best LEGO models created by builders all over the world, The Brothers Brick also brings you the best of LEGO news and reviews. This is our weekly Brick Report for the second week of October 2017. TBB NEWS: It seems like BrickHeadz are taking over the world! Each week brings (...)

  • If something doesn’t fit, just flip it over
    Artisan Bricks brings back fond memories of happy times when nobody cared about graphic cards in their game consoles and the joy of wining was so sweet and simple. This very neat copy of a pocket Tetris game is a very simple built, but I really love the colourful shapes built with 1×1 plates, (...)

dimanche 8 octobre 2017

  • Mini Hulkbuster punches above its weight
    At first glance this wee Hulkbuster looks enormous, then you realise that Iron Man’s head is that of the Minifigure and Tony Stark’s infamous arc reactor is a single tiny element. The Ka. Lor Project has created the Hulkbuster, Crimson for your viewing pleasure. As the name suggests, the (...)

  • She may look like the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, but she ain’t
    I don’t think Hannes Tscharner has ever taken a photo that didn’t look amazing, and his most recent YT 1300 freighter is no exception, not to mention the build is first-rate as well. The model is a take off of his original 7,500 piece Millennium Falcon build, meant to be a modified version from (...)

  • Ignorance is the night of the mind, a night without moon or star
    New Zealand LEGO wunderkind David Hensel is at it again with another awesome build inspired by the movie The Martian — the 2780 Moon rover. Superb shaping and a lovely aesthetic feel leaves me with the impression this could be a real rover. David has used fantastic lighting and a rumpled grey (...)

  • Four guns, two legs, one purpouse
    Autumn is quite the time for LEGO community projects; having blasted through SHIPtember with some massive spaceships yet to be covered, we are moving into Ma.Ktoberfest at full speed. If you are not up to date, Ma.Ktoberfest is an annual October building challenge when builders create mecha, (...)

samedi 7 octobre 2017

  • Tapping into LEGO creativity
    Here’s a cool LEGO diorama by Josh David. The model is deceptively large — check out the “bricks” built out of tiles for an idea of the scale. Protruding from the wall, the tap itself is nicely sculpted, and I like the simple flower and its pot. However, the coolest thing about this creation is (...)

  • The height of 70s office chic
    Micropolis is a LEGO building standard which allows for large-scale collaborative builds of microscale cities. The usual module sees a 16×16 base with roads down two sides, leaving a 14×14 “development site”. Tammo S. has used the space to great effect with this 70s-style office block. The curving (...)

  • Swooshing through space at 100 studs per month
    I had a friend with a dream to build a huge spaceship out of LEGO. One which would fit two classic LEGO standards: the famous Vic-Viper style, and the 100 stud-long SHIP (Significantly Huge Investment in Parts). I have yet to hear from that friend again. However, Matt Rowntree has taken on the (...)

  • Delivering cargo with German precision
    This stunning scale copy of Mercedes-Benz Actros 4163 by YU KEE LIU is a very smart mixture of System and Technic parts. It’s no secret, brick-built cockpits are much heavier than those built with light Technic panels. Despite the weight of the body, this truck is fully remotely controlled and (...)

vendredi 6 octobre 2017

  • Welcome to itty-bitty Springfield
    Teeny-tiny, and yet immediately recognisable — that’s Primoz Mlakar‘s microscale LEGO version of the Springfield skyline. The Kwik-E-Mart stands out as a cracking re-creation, but all the buildings are excellent microscale versions of the originals. If it works with landmarks from The Simpsons, I (...)

  • BrickCon 2017 happens in Seattle this weekend! [News]
    This weekend Seattle Center Exhibition Hall will be swarming with some of the best LEGO builders from all four corners of the globe as BrickCon 2017 welcomes guests for its 16th time! CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS for the public exhibition, if you haven’t That way you won’t have to stay in line as (...)

  • Elegant guardian robot
    This super-sleek LEGO robot figure looks like it could have stepped straight out of some Destiny concept art. Red mixes up regular System bricks, Technic connectors, and “Constraction-figure” pieces to great effect. The tan and dark grey colour scheme is nice and simple, and allows that splash of (...)

  • Against all probability, a sperm whale is called into existence above the surface of an alien planet
    SHIPtember may be over, but there’s still plenty more spacecraft measuring over 100 studs in length left in the sea. Feast your eyes on Christian Benito‘s fin-tastic, Spelljammer-inspired SHIP. In addition to a snazzy design, this beast has an articulated tail, exposed “rivet-style” studs, (...)

  • This is your captain speaking and we’re about to take off
    There are dozens of reasons to love both old and modern LEGO City sets, but still not all adult fans are happy with huge molded pieces that aircraft models are built of. Jussi Koskinen presents a very elegant alternative to bulky fuselages. No surprise it took him about three months to finish (...)

jeudi 5 octobre 2017

  • LEGO collaboration is sweet and super-cool
    At first glance, these LEGO popsicles look totally sweet. A collaborative creation by Carl Merriam, Niek, and Milan CMadge, the twin models perfectly capture the shapes of an ice-cream sandwich and a half-munched orange popsicle (or “ice lolly” as it’s known where I come from). However, regardless (...)

  • Now THIS is podracing
    What if intergalactic bounty hunter 4-LOM participated in the very fast, very dangerous competition of podracing? Tom Vanhaelen presents his idea of the rogue protocol droid’s podracer. The use of metallic colors on the turbines, as well as circular arrays of bars and robot arms, really nail the (...)

  • BSL Marcus Garvey is orange for launch
    October has started, but we still have much to cover from SHIPtember — the month-long celebration of building massive LEGO spaceships. This particular addition, BSL Marcus Garvey by the OG LEGO builder Keith Goldman is actually a recreation of a concept art by another builder. With dozens of top (...)

  • LEGO camera is a huge success
    A year on from building a remarkably accurate LEGO version of a vintage camera, Milan CMadge does it again with this excellent rendition of a Leica III. The model features brilliant shaping around the top with all those buttons and dials, and nice intricate bits of detail, particularly around (...)

  • Creations for Charity now accepting donations for the 2017 fundraiser
    Creations for Charity is now accepting donations of custom Lego builds for its 9th annual fundraiser. From now until mid-November, you can donate a creation to sell and raise money to buy Lego sets for children in need. Take a look at their donations from last year and find out how you can make (...)

mercredi 4 octobre 2017

  • Sci-fi city is more than the sum of its parts
    This isn’t “LEGO building” as much as “LEGO arranging”, but it’s nice work by McLegoboy! all the same. A well-judged selection of textured parts, coupled with good macro photography, creates a striking composition which wouldn’t look out of place in the universes of Judge Dredd or Mad Max. Not bad for (...)

  • She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts
    You drove here in that? You’re braver than I thought. Lino Martins provides a LEGO reimagining of Star Wars as a 70’s buddy movie featuring a likable scoundrel named Stan Solo, his girlfriend Laura, and their big biker friend Chad Bacca. The car is the real star though — a beat-up 1977 Ford (...)

  • Scaled-up model of a classic LEGO spaceship
    You’ll need to look a bit longer at this creation by Doctor Mobius to see that it’s not just a photograph of 6929 Star Fleet Voyager released in 1981. The set has been completely scaled up into a larger version and the exposed studs are actually build out of round bricks. You’ll notice the (...)

  • We are all worms to the true tyrant of the sea
    When you think it can’t get any worse, sometimes life likes to surprise you. Such is the case with this band of pirates as Dwalin Forkbeard tells us: The pirates have survived an unfortunate battle with an Imperial ship, only to be attacked by an ancient sea monster. They are doing everything (...)

mardi 3 octobre 2017

  • Blue & green, small but mean, she’ll shoot you down right to Georgetown
    Generally, in life, bigger is usually better. However, that is not the case with this neat little starfighter by TOKYO TAG TEAM. The build is a wonderful blend of colors, shapes, and angles compacted into a very small package, but for me, it’s the stickers that really set the build apart — I dig (...)

  • Ultimate LEGO Star Wars book now available – exclusive interview with the authors [News]
    DK has just released Ultimate LEGO Star Wars, a completely new large-format reference book written by The Brothers Brick’s Senior Editor Chris Malloy and Editor-in-Chief Andrew Becraft. The authors will be holding panel discussions and signings over the coming weeks, including at BrickCon 2017 (...)

  • Tyger Tyger, burning bright...
    Possessed by the fever to follow the call of the wild, this magnificent tiger stops by the water to drink, or possibly to bathe as one of the few cats who actually likes water. Tigers are actually often portrayed in LEGO and we have even featured some in the past. There is something about the (...)

  • Is there an exo-suit in the house?
    Nobody wants to be unwell, but if your temperature spikes or you break out in hives, then it’s time to visit the doctor. Andreas Lenander has created the kind of sick bay the average physician would dream of: Isolation beds to ensure disease doesn’t spread, a giant claw to transfer patients, and (...)

lundi 2 octobre 2017

  • SHIPtempber is over and it looks like we may have a winner!
    SHIPtemper is by far my favourite month of the LEGO building calendar — we get to see inside the imaginations of the most talented builders and see what they envision for the future of humanity. This year, when friends Sean Mayo and Tyler Clites got together, not only did they create two of the (...)

  • LEGO reveals Star Wars BrickHeadz exclusive for New York Comic Con [News]
    LEGO is releasing another exclusive set for this year’s New York Comic Con, revealed today to be the first Star Wars BrickHeadz. Set 41498, Boba Fett & Han Solo in Carbonite, has 329 pieces and will be sold for $40, but is only available at the convention. There’s no word on how many sets (...)

  • Sky-pirate flying fortress floats into view
    Take a medieval castle, mash it up with a pirate ship, and then give the whole thing impulse engines, the ability to fly, and advanced weaponry. That’s W.Navarre‘s recipe for a truly original LEGO creation. This could have turned out a hot mess of a build, but there’s enough colour and texture (...)











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