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jeudi 14 décembre 2017

  • Star Wars Advent Calendar: Day 14
    The LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar arrived on Starkiller Base yesterday and encountered a First Order Snowspeeder. I am therefore expecting to find another character or vehicle from the latter part of Star Wars: The Force Awakens today. Continue reading » (c) 2017 Republication (...)

  • Friends Advent Calendar - Day 14
    Yesterday, Stephanie got a chance to enjoy some hot chocolate with her animal friends while roasting a marshmallow. Will they continue relaxing today, get a new friend, or start on another activity? Continue reading » (c) 2017 Republication prohibited without prior (...)

  • City Advent Calendar: Day 14
    Our third minifigure arrived on day thirteen so I think another model would be an appropriate gift today. Perhaps it will have some relationship with yesterday's coast guard who currently seems a little out of place among so many festive items. Continue reading » (c) 2017 (...)

  • Free tickets to Bricks LA
    Here's another awesome offer from Jason at Chowren Toys: We are pleased to announce the latest LEGO fan event, Bricks LA that is sponsoring. We have total of 20 pairs of tickets (40 tickets) to give away to the public exhibit at the Pasadena Convention Center 300 E. Green (...)

  • Samsung Kids Ninjago Movie tablet
    Just a few years ago tablet computers were an expensive luxury but now they are ubiquitous and priced low enough to allow everyone who wants one to buy one, and for every member of the family to have their own. So, to cater for a growing market of tablets for kids, Samsung has teamed up with (...)

  • Christmas Build-Up: Day 14
    40253 Christmas Build-Up has been noteworthy for some bizarre models that have directly been based on Christmas or wintertime in general, and some where only loose connections can be made. However, the end of the second week aims to change all of that with the depiction of the opposite (...)

  • [UK/EU] 25% off Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS
    The 'Advent Calendar of offers' continues today with 25% off 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS at UK | Germany | France Tomorrow, it's the start of 3 days of double VIP points. (c) 2017 Republication prohibited without prior (...)

mercredi 13 décembre 2017

  • This year's employee gift set
    As has been customary for the last ten years, LEGO gifts its employees an exclusive set at Christmas. This year's has been given out so we can now reveal that it is 4002017 Nutcracker. From the box it's hard to tell exactly what it looks like but all is revealed in this article at (...)

  • Review: 41498 Boba Fett and Han Solo in Carbonite
    The BrickHeadz range includes several exclusive twin packs, perhaps the most desirable of which is the impressive 41498 Boba Fett and Han Solo in Carbonite. This 329-piece set was available at New York Comic-Con in October so was the first in the range of Star Wars BrickHeadz which now also (...)

  • Star Wars Advent Calendar: Day 13
    We left Jakku on board the Millennium Falcon yesterday, leading me to wonder whether the Advent Calendar will follow the course of Star Wars: The Force Awakens by visiting the temperate world of Takodana next. Continue reading » (c) 2017 Republication prohibited without prior (...)

  • Pre-order The LEGO Batman Movie Series 2 at Minifigure Maddness
    Here's news of the latest offer from Minifigure Maddness: This month we are offering Brickset readers an excellent preorder only offer on the new The LEGO Batman Movie Series 2 complete set of 20 minifigures for only €74.99 when you enter code Brickset26 at checkout. This series includes (...)

  • Friends Advent Calendar - Day 13
    As we head into the second half of the calendar, it looks like there's a trend in a new direction away from animals and sleds. The last couple days we've had a couple of things for Stephanie - an opportunity to perform, as well as places to get some snacks and hot chocolate. What will (...)

  • City Advent Calendar: Day 13
    Day twelve marked the halfway point in the 2017 LEGO City Advent Calendar so I am surprised to see that just two minifigures have appeared so far, fewer than in previous calendars. I hope today's gift will start to redress the balance. Continue reading » (c) 2017 Republication (...)

  • Christmas Build-Up: Day 13
    I rather enjoyed the small plane model that we received in the Build-Up yesterday, and would love for the goodness to continue. Can it? We’ll find out after the break... Continue reading » (c) 2017 Republication prohibited without prior (...)

  • This week at Catawiki
    The weekly LEGO auction at Catawiki ends this evening, and once again it includes a number of interesting lots: 21021 Marina Bay Sands 10233 Horizon Express 10190 Market Street 4999 Vestas Wind Turbine 10183 Hobby Train You can view all lots in the auction on our Catawiki page and if you have (...)

  • Mos Eisley Cantina revealed by TRU
    Toys R Us has revealed the forthcoming 75205 Mos Eisley Cantina on its website. It's significantly smaller than the last one, 75052 Mos Eisley Cantina from 2014 but it does include a Ubrikkian 9000 pod, which hasn't been modelled before. It'll retail for $40 and be available in (...)

  • [UK/EU] 20% off Temple of the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon
    The 'Advent Calendar of offers' continues today with 20% off 70617 Temple of the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon at UK | Germany | France Come back this time tomorrow to find out what the last, and best, offer is! (c) 2017 Republication prohibited without prior (...)

mardi 12 décembre 2017

  • Star Wars Advent Calendar: Day 12
    We have now spent several days on Jakku so it may be time to leave for a new planet. The Star Wars saga features an incredible array of vessels for flying between systems but none are better known than the subject of today's gift... Continue reading » (c) 2017 Republication (...)

  • Friends Advent Calendar - Day 12
    Day 12! We're halfway through the calendar. We've had three animals and their hutches, and it looks like we're getting into some activities for Stephanie. So far, I have to say this year's calendar has a more consistent theme - animals, their houses and sleds - than last year. (...)

  • City Advent Calendar: Day 12
    Minifigures are prone to becoming rather cold while building snowmen so I am hoping we will find something to warm us up again behind door number twelve of the LEGO City Advent Calendar. Continue reading » (c) 2017 Republication prohibited without prior (...)

  • Win a cool Christmas T Shirt!
    Yesterday we told you about this cool Classic Space / Santa Claus mash-up T-shirt, the first in a new range of apparel from FireStar Toys. The company is looking for ideas for which of its hundreds of custom minifig torsos should be made into a T-Shirt next, and that's where you come in. (...)

  • Christmas Build-Up: Day 12
    Yesterday a high standard was set with a cozy cottage, and I am hesitant to believe that it can be improved upon. However, I’ve been surprised before, so hopefully today succeeds in spectacular fashion. Continue reading » (c) 2017 Republication prohibited without prior (...)

  • [UK/EU] 20% off Batcave Break-In
    As part of LEGO's 'Advent Calendar of offers' 70909 Batcave Break-In is 20% off today only at Two more sets will be reduced for one day only on Wednesday and Thursday so check back then to find out what they are. UK | Germany | France (c) 2017 (...)

lundi 11 décembre 2017

  • All six 2018 seasonal sets revealed
    Among the images added to LEGO's server today is one of the back of 40270 Valentine's Bee's box which reveals five more BrickHeadz seasonal sets: Easter - #30 Bunny Halloween - #31 Witch Thanksgiving - #32 Turkey Christmas - #33 Mr. Claus, #34, Mrs Claus Making the seasonal sets (...)

  • More 2018 set reveals - Elves and BrickHeadz
    As if we thought there wouldn’t be more 2018 news so soon, here it is! LEGO has published photos of new Elves sets that should be available in March, along with a number of other sets that we didn't have official images for. You'll find them all in the database. Furthermore, images of (...)

  • The Unofficial LEGO Color Guide
    Christoph Bartneck is well known for producing some comprehensive minifig catalogues. His latest book takes a look at the colours of LEGO pieces since 1958. The Unofficial LEGO Color Guide organises the colours of LEGO parts and presents them in rainbow order. Each colour has its own unique (...)

  • Star Wars Advent Calendar: Day 11
    Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now just a few days away so I am hoping the Sequel Trilogy theme which has been developing during the last week will continue until the movie is released. Another model from Jakku would be fitting on day eleven. Continue reading » (c) 2017 Republication (...)

  • Friends Advent Calendar - Day 11
    Yesterday's advent calendar build seemed to start a new direction for the calendar after several days of animals and sleds. In what direction will we go for day 11? Continue reading » (c) 2017 Republication prohibited without prior (...)

  • Cool Christmas T Shirt at Firestar Toys
    Firestar Toys, purveyors of fine minifigs and accessories, has branched out into apparel and has just launched the first product in its new collection: a Classic Space / Santa Claus mash-up T-shirt. I've had one for a week or so and wore it to my LUG Christmas party last weekend, where it (...)

  • City Advent Calendar: Day 11
    We have spent the last couple of days indoors, eating freshly baked cookies and playing with toys, but today we are venturing back outside into the snow, befitting the weather conditions across much of the UK at the moment... Continue reading » (c) 2017 Republication prohibited (...)

  • 75192 Millennium Falcon available again!
    75192 Millennium Falcon is now available once again at in Europe. You will still qualify for the exclusive Star Wars VIP Card by ordering now but be quick as there is a great deal of demand for this set and LEGO may run out of stock again quite soon. Remember to log in as a VIP (...)

  • Christmas Build-Up: Day 11
    Yesterday was certainly a high point in the Christmas Build-Up, but can it continue? I have hopes that better not be shattered! Continue reading » (c) 2017 Republication prohibited without prior permission.

dimanche 10 décembre 2017

  • Review: 10256 Taj Mahal
    10189 Taj Mahal was released in 2008 and was the largest set ever produced up to that point, containing some 5922 pieces. The adult market for LEGO products has grown at an exponential rate since then and demand for that impressive set has risen accordingly, particularly following its (...)

  • Star Wars Advent Calendar: Day 10
    The Star Wars saga is packed with iconic planets and moons, many of which have been visited in past LEGO Advent Calendars. Jakku is one such location and I am expecting to find another gift from the planet today, following the impressive model of Rey's speeder revealed on day nine. (...)

  • Friends Advent Calendar - Day 10
    Day 10 of the advent calendar already! So far we've seen a lot of sleds and animals. I'm guessing if you like Friends animals, you're loving this calendar so far. I have to admit I'm a little nervous about door number 10, as in many years past the surprise was a little accessory (...)

  • City Advent Calendar: Day 10
    This year's Advent Calendar has been split fairly evenly between furniture, toys and minifigures thus far. I am looking forward to discovering what lies behind door number ten. Continue reading » (c) 2017 Republication prohibited without prior (...)

  • Forthcoming events
    The following events are taking place in the next 30 days:EuropeGermany1000steine @ Mosel-Weihn-Nachts-Markt Traben-Trarbach18 DecGermany1000steine @ Mosel-Weihn-Nachts-Markt Traben-Trarbach26 DecItalyBrick and Build Porto San Giorgio 201706 JanPortugalArte em Peças 201715 DecUnited (...)

  • Christmas Build-Up: Day 10
    The last few days have been incredibly ambiguous in terms of content, so let’s hope that I can accurately tell what the model is supposed to represent today. I also hope that whatever it is, it impresses, as we enter the double digit days of the countdown! Continue reading » (c) 2017 (...)

  • This week's top news articles
    These are the most read articles that we've posted over the last couple of weeks:ArticleDate postedViewsLikes10260 Downtown Diner revealed29 Nov41444143The next Ideas set is...28 Nov271585660 years of the LEGO Brick set revealed29 Nov25440104Millennium Falcon: The Completed Model03 (...)

samedi 9 décembre 2017

  • Star Wars Advent Calendar: Day 9
    Yesterday's LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar entry was rather disappointing in my opinion. Hopefully the gift on day nine will be far more impressive, matching the brilliant standard set during the first week... Continue reading » (c) 2017 Republication prohibited without prior (...)

  • Friends Advent Calendar - Day 9
    The themes for the Friends Advent Calendar so far has been animals and sleds. Will we start branching into something different for Day 9? Continue reading » (c) 2017 Republication prohibited without prior permission.

  • City Advent Calendar: Day 9
    LEGO City Advent Calendars have been released every year since 2005 and one might anticipate that the designers would have exhausted the possibilities for new models during that time. However, today's gift depicts something brand new and perfectly suitable for this chilly season. Continue (...)

  • Christmas Build-Up: Day 9
    The last couple of days of the Build-Up have been an incredibly confusing start to week two, but can today’s model put us on a more straightforward track? Let’s find out... Continue reading » (c) 2017 Republication prohibited without prior (...)

vendredi 8 décembre 2017

  • LEGO Star Wars VIP Card
    75192 Millennium Falcon was released, under chaotic and controversial circumstances, on the 14th of September. Those who have been lucky enough to purchase the set since then, or who are able to do so before the 31st of December, shall receive an exclusive Star Wars VIP card entitling the (...)

  • Star Wars Advent Calendar: Day 8
    The 2017 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar has been excellent so far, exploring new areas of the Star Wars saga while maintaining a consistently high standard of minifigures and models. I am hoping that will continue into its second week. Continue reading » (c) 2017 Republication (...)

  • Friends Advent Calendar - Day 8
    Heading into the second week of the advent calendar, we've met Stephanie and two adorable animals. There's snow sports equipment for all of them as well as houses for the pets. What does the second week hold for us? Continue reading » (c) 2017 Republication prohibited (...)

  • Reminder: Enter our Star Wars building competition
    Our Star Wars microscale building competition is in full swing and there are some excellent entries already on Instagram and Flickr, like this one by Tim Goddard. There's still plenty of time to enter, though, so get building your own microscale Star Wars vignette and post your entries (...)

  • City Advent Calendar: Day 8
    The first week of this year's LEGO City Advent Calendar has yielded only a single figure and the snowboarder from day two is therefore starting to look rather lonely. Perhaps today's door will reveal another minifigure to accompany him. Continue reading » (c) 2017 (...)

  • Unikitty! TV series premiere date announced
    After a few special, sneak peek episodes airing in the United States since late October, Warner Bros. Animation’s Unikitty! will be making its official premiere on Cartoon Network New Year’s Day 2018! Check out the press release from Turner Broadcasting, via BricksFanz, after the break. (...)

  • Christmas Build-Up: Day 8
    Those thinking that yesterday’s model was an owl and not a penguin have been swiftly proven wrong, as today brings us the perfect icy habitat for our arctic creature to inhabit. Continue reading » (c) 2017 Republication prohibited without prior (...)











20 février - Convocation à l’Assemblée Générale Ordinaire 2017 de FreeLUG

La prochaine assemblée générale de l’association FreeLUG aura lieu le 18 mars 2017. La convocation (...)

21 février 2016 - Convocation à l’Assemblée Générale Ordinaire 2016 de FreeLUG

La prochaine assemblée générale de l’association FreeLUG aura lieu le 19 mars 2016. La convocation (...)

9 octobre 2013 - LEGORAMART

Le premier livre de PHOTOS sur l’art LEGO Mot de l’éditeur Vous avez été nombreux après Culture (...)

27 septembre 2013 - Animation LEGO au CERN

Le CERN organise un événement "Construis ton propre detecteur de particules en LEGO" et une (...)

24 septembre 2013 - Un photographe et des minifigs LEGO

Nous avions un exposant-photographe à la Briqu’Expo de Diemoz qui mérite le détour ! C’est un (...)